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Together we have eternity
Together we have never
Separate we cry
Separate we long for...
And right now in the middle of a and b
We have z
A confusing added bonus?
A meaningful picture of hope?
Together we had eternity
But for now we have a minute
To shout
To be silent
To prove
That together we can beat never
To bring forth
A creation so bright
So lost
So precious
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Darkness and Moonlight
Darkness stole away my heart
Moonlight swore we'd never part
Now my soul forever weeps
As my Dreamer sleeps
Darkness took away my love
Moonlight sent me Heartbreaks Dove
Now I whisper to the Night
Please bring back my hearts delight
Darkness sings her sadest song
Moonlight lied all along
Now you feel my last sweet breath
May you know I'll love you even in death
Darkness brings her Crimson Tide
Moonlight turns away to hide
As I drift towards the sky
The wind kisses my love goodbye
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eeeeeewwwww.... How to do this by Murtletheturtle eeeeeewwwww.... How to do this :iconmurtletheturtle:Murtletheturtle 0 0
And I Dream
And I Dream
       I see you standing there
       So very close to the edge
       Darkness surrounds us
       The ground moves beneath us
Scene Changes
        You see me laying on the ground
        Eyes wide open, staring into nothing
        My face is pale, my lips are blue
        You turn away and step over the edge
The Dream Moves
         We are floating, you have beautiful wings
         My back is torn, my skin is burnt
         You saved me from an eternity of pain
         So now we float, abandoned
:iconmurtletheturtle:Murtletheturtle 1 1
Reality is Just a Dream
I fear the cries of pain
I hear in the darkness of my dreams
You say you love me, you say you care
But in reality nothing is ever as it seems
My body tears itself apart
Now you see how I truly am inside
I cry out in my anger
Now theres nothing left to hide
You run away from me
Afraid of what you'd seen
Now your love crawls away
You'll never be the innocent soul you'd once been
The chase is better than the catch
The kill is better than the hunt
Tears and blood stain my skin
You died so slowly, my words so blunt
I no longer fear the cries of pain
I no longer love you
I have gone insane
My spirit torn in two
Four years ago we met
Two years ago you died
My heart told me you'd come back
My heart lied
As insanity takes me further into the darkness
I hear you whisper to me in the night
You say you hate me, that it was my fault
That i should have put up a fight
I cry now as blood spills to the floor
I look in the mirror at the girl I never wanted to be
How is it that I never knew before now
:iconmurtletheturtle:Murtletheturtle 0 0
My Sweet Enemy, I Love You
I don't want to do this
I dont want to be jealous
I dont want to hurt you
And I dont want to loose you
I want you and me to be free
To fly away together
To live in peace abd harmony
I want to show you things
You never thought were possible
I want to forgive you everything
I want to show you
What my heart tells me everyday
I need you to understand
I'm jealous of the earth
I'm jealous of the heavens above
I'm jealous of you family
Supporting you
Loving you
I'm jealous that it is you lying in that bed
And not me
I want to switch places
It should be me laying there
Not you
I'm the one who caused it
I'm the one who broke you
Betrayed you
I want to show you
How sorry I am
But now I cant
You look at me and smile
I realise I dont need to tell you
You know everything I feel
You are my enemy
Yet you love me too
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The wire wraps itself around your neck
The blood flows free
Staining your favorite shirt
Your eyes grow wide from shock,
Which turns to fear
Then, unexpectedly
You smile.
You weren't meant to smile
I wanted to hear your screams
I wanted to hear your tortured voice
I wanted to hear you beg
Instead you smile
So gently, so lovingly.
I find myself smiling back and I say;
"There's a difference between me and you,"
For a moment you look confused
"I'm not afraid to loose the ones I love."
And I take out the gun from my pocket
You just look at me
With the same smile, the same love
"Together forever."
You whisper the long forgotten promise.
"Together forever."
And I shoot.
I shoot my best friend.
My ownly friend.
My sister.
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Everything was for you
I need you
I feel you
I touch you
I fear you
I long for you
I hate you
I bled for you
I killed for you
I love you
I danced with you
I saved you
I fell for you
I cried for you
Everything I did was for you
Now it rains
I dance for you
I cry out for you
I need you
I love you
I killed you
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blue by Murtletheturtle blue :iconmurtletheturtle:Murtletheturtle 0 1 Person by Murtletheturtle Person :iconmurtletheturtle:Murtletheturtle 0 0
The Day You Slipped Away
I see you everyday, memories twirling round and round.
   I screamed out your name, but you kept falling, slipping further and further away from me. The rain pounded on the ground around us, the rocks were slippery and dangerous. I stared at the place where your hand had once been, holding on to the rock for life, the one thing between you and the end of the falls.
   I remember the screaming of the sirens.
   Police, the ambulance, red, white and blue lights, flashing and blurring in my vision, shifting things out of focus. Someone pulled me away, asked me what happen and if I was alright. I never spoke not once. I felt numb.
   Then I see you.
   They carried you on a stretcher. Your body was wet and cold, I made my way over to you and placed my hand on your cheek. Your curly black hair hung limp, your eyes were closed, someone to the side of me said you had a faint pulse. My heart leapt at that. But then some
:iconmurtletheturtle:Murtletheturtle 1 2
A Lulluby of Whispers
Tick, tock, tick, tock
The sound I hear in my dreams
Drip, drip, drip
Sings the blood as I scream
Whisper, whisper, whisper
My only lullaby as a child
Trickle, trickle, trickle
Sung the stabbing of the wild
Morgan, Morgan, Morgan
Cries my mother as I sleep
Traitor, traitor, traitor
Marks my father as I weep
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butterfly by Murtletheturtle butterfly :iconmurtletheturtle:Murtletheturtle 0 0 Trippin' by Murtletheturtle Trippin' :iconmurtletheturtle:Murtletheturtle 0 1
I can feel you moving inside of me
It's wierd to think you're in there
But its a great feeling too
I hope I turn out to be a good mother
And I hope I never let you down
Like your father has to me
So I make a promise to you
I mkae a promise to my unborn child
That I will always try to be there for you
I'll always be your friend
I'll look after you and I will love you
And I'll always answer your questions with the truth
Your not even born yet
And you already mean the world to me
Everything will change once you are born
But I'm ready for anything that comes  my way
Because I love you and thats all that matters
:iconmurtletheturtle:Murtletheturtle 1 3
Don't Worry About Yesterday
Dont worry about the yesterdays
Don't worry about the tomorrows
Don't think about the wrongs and rights
Just think about yourself for one small moment
What do you want to do with your life?
Sit back, go with the flow?
Or are you actually going to do something,
To make sure that your life goes perfect?
Don't worry about the bumps in the road
Don't worry about the hailstorms
As long as you believe that you can do anything
Then you can.
Belive that you can take a hold of your life
And mould it into something you can love
You can trust and rely on
It doesn't have to happen straight away
It may take years
But as long as you think you have what it takes
Don't worry about what other people say
Take a risk
Stand out there on that cliff
Spread your arms
And just believe
Take a leap into the unknown
And show the world what you can do
Ignor the crashing waves
The overflowong world around you
Never break away from your dreams
Just take a chance and do it.
Don't worry about the yesterdays
Or the to
:iconmurtletheturtle:Murtletheturtle 0 2


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Together we have eternity
Together we have never
Separate we cry
Separate we long for...
And right now in the middle of a and b
We have z
A confusing added bonus?
A meaningful picture of hope?
Together we had eternity
But for now we have a minute
To shout
To be silent
To prove
That together we can beat never
To bring forth
A creation so bright
So lost
So precious

yeah, nah, that's all
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